CNC Machining

Our CNC machining services can turn ideas into actual parts. With our innovative and experienced staff, we specialize in turning your product into a reality. Our pricing is competitive and we offer free technical services. We have expert designers that know how to work with a variety of materials. Our CNC machining services include CNC turning and CNC milling at affordable rates, with fast turnaround and consistently outstanding results.

Rapid Tooling

We can deliver tools in as little as 2 days. With rapid tools being fast and easily reproducible,

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CNC Turning Services

Machine parts with computer-controlled efficiency and precision, and scale easily for high volume production.

Our awesome features
CNC Milling Services

Create industrial-grade parts and components with automated speed and precision.

Our awesome features
Single-Source Global Solution

Our US based team will work both with you and our global teams that can 24x7 solutions. Flexible guidelines? No problem!

Our awesome features
ISO 9001 Certified

Quality management system ensuring we meet customer needs within statutory and regulatory requirements.

ISO 13485 Certified

Quality management system where demonstrating our ability to provide medical devices and related services.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our internal promise to customers that we will deliver above and beyond what is promised or we will make it right.


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Digital Manufacturing

We are fast. Quickly create custom injection molds in days instead of weeks. We have refined our manufacturing process since 1943. Axtonne delivers unparalleled rapid prototyping services from our facilities on the east coast, west coast and overseas.

USA Based Sales & Support

We make the process easy for you with our depth of experience and technical knowledge with offices on both the west and east coast of the USA.

Fast Tooling Turnaround Times

2-day rapid tools, 10-day prototypes and 3-week production tools for up to 1 million shots.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Coordination & management of global suppliers to satisfy your development and production challenges.


Great Organizations Rely On Axtonne

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us using email.

What is CNC machining?

CNC (Consumer Numerical Control) is a pre-programmed manufacturing process with high tech software. The parts that are made with this process are usually more accurate and higher quality than most other manufacturing methods. Most industries that use CNC method are ones that need accuracy.

What industries benefit from CNC?

These are just a few industries that most benefit from CNC machining - medical, aerospace, transportation, oil and gas, military and defense, and many more. Benefits for these industries are that you can prototype a lot faster with the CNC method.

What can a CNC machine do?

CNC machines can cut and move material that is programed into the computer. The different types of cutting for the machine is plasma cutting, laser cutting, milling, routing, and lathes.

What types of CNC machining are there?

There are 5 common types of CNC Machining.

  1. The first type is CNC Lathes Machine. Lathe machining is typically made on a spindle and typically made to make round or circular parts.
  2. Second is CNC Milling machining and that is typically is made with a 3 to 5 axis machine. It is the most commonly used form of CNC machining to make parts.
  3. Third is CNC laser cutting machine. This type of CNC method is focused on high powered laser beams to make, cut and or engrave a material to form a shape.
  4. Fourth form of CNC is Electrical Discharge Machines. EDM process is essential used to burn away steel and make incredibly accurate parts by creating finite adjustments to the part. This is typically used for mold making.
  5. The fifth from is CNC Plasma Cutter Machine. A CNC plasma cutter is a machine that is specifically designed to cut through electrically conductive materials by using a computer to control and direct an accelerated jet of hot plasma at the material being cut.

When was CNC machining invented?

It was created in 1952 and it was invented by Richard Kegg with MIT.

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