Urethane Casting

Urethane casting provides end-use, rigid plastic parts or rubber parts with production-level quality. The finished dimensions of urethane cast parts depend on the accuracy of the master model, part geometry, and casting material. In general, a shrinkage rate of + 0.15% is expected. We have the ability to make parts up to three feet of diameter.

Realistic Prototype Parts

Axtonne has done RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanization) casting since we were established in 1943. Typically lead time to make pattern molds is 3-7 days and turnaround times on parts is anywhere from 7-21 days.

Our awesome features

Models to meet your specific cosmetic requirements. We can match any PMS color whether you need glossy or matte finish we can meet any of your requirements.

Our awesome features

We deliver value add assembly functions whether it be inserts, screws, or simple glue assemblies. We have the expertise to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Our awesome features
Color Options

Naturally, a urethane may be amber to milky-white in color. Polyurethanes can be blended with pigments to achieve a variety of colors.

Our awesome features
ISO 9001 Certified

Quality management system ensuring we meet customer needs within statutory and regulatory requirements.

ISO 13485 Certified

Quality management system where demonstrating our ability to provide medical devices and related services.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our internal promise to customers that we will deliver above and beyond what is promised or we will make it right.


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Digital Manufacturing

We are fast. Quickly create custom injection molds in days instead of weeks. We have refined our manufacturing process since 1943. Axtonne delivers unparalleled rapid prototyping services from our facilities on the east coast, west coast and overseas.

USA Based Sales & Support

We make the process easy for you with our depth of experience and technical knowledge with offices on both the west and east coast of the USA.

Fast Tooling Turnaround Times

2-day rapid tools, 10-day prototypes and 3-week production tools for up to 1 million shots.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Coordination & management of global suppliers to satisfy your development and production challenges.


Great Organizations Rely On Axtonne

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us using email.

What is the best way to match a color?

Typically, we employ the PMS (Pantone Matching System) to match colors. Pick any PMS color and we will match it.

How do you paint plastic?

Typically, plastics are difficult to paint. Some plastics paint adheres easily i.e. ABS and PC. Other plastics are harder to paint because of the oily plastics i.e the Olefin family (PP and Polyethylene).

How is an assembly process created?

An assembly process is typically created by taking prototype parts and assembling them with components while doing a time study. Then the process is documented (work instructions) which details the assembly process for each stage of assembly. It is then imbedded in the manufacturing protocol process for the assembly

What is a CMF document?

A CMF (Color Materials Finish). Typically a CMF document is provided with a 2 dimensional part drawing to specify the cosmetics for the manufacturing.

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